About Tiny Tennis

Tiny Tennis is bringing the game of tennis to your preschool, home or another venue by way of reduced size tennis courts, smaller tennis nets, smaller tennis racquets, and larger tennis balls for all kids of ALL ages. (Specializing in ages 2 – 5 and up to age 12.) Our goal at Tiny Tennis is for your child(ren) first and foremost to have fun! This will allow them to grow and improve on an individual basis as well as learning cooperative skills and sportsmanship.  

At Tiny Tennis we believe “winning” at an early age is NOT important and instead will focus on increased involvement. Simply put, it is to create an environment where your child(ren) become better athletes and better problem solvers via drills and games “FUN” which will enrich their personal growth.

Mark Lopez, Certified Tennis Director

“Our goal at Tiny Tennis is for your child(ren) first and foremost to have fun!” – Mark Lopez, Certified Tennis Director

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Benefits of Tiny Tennis



Create “I can” Attitude

Improve Concentration/Focus

Cooperative Skills

Become more Athletic

Hand-Eye Coordination

Certified Instructors

We Bring the Game to You


My child is 3 years old and I just can’t believe the attention he has for the little practice sessions. He is able to hold the racquet far better than I ever imagined. Can’t wait till he’s actually able to hit the ball and play!

Pradip R.

What an awesome activity to do at the childcare facility. It’s definitely a unique experience and my daughter talks about on the way home.

Heather P.

I have been very impressed with Tiny Tennis so far.  They care so much about the children that they serve and the families who join their community.

JoBen B.