We Bring the Game to You

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Tiny Beginnings with a Big Impact

Tiny Tennis, founded in 2018 by Mark Lopez, brings the game of tennis on a smaller, more manageable scale to childcare centers (e.g. Preschools).

As Mark spent time in the childcare centers, he quickly realized that Tiny Tennis had BIG benefits that can be enjoyed at all stages of life. The pure and simple joy that children were getting out of a small-scale tennis activity can be replicated in an office setting for the ‘big kids’ in all of us. As adults, we often go through the motions in the workplace, and likely have less fun than we did as children. Tiny Tennis is here to change that!

What is Tiny Tennis?

Children Activities

Work with young children at preschools or childcare

Develop Growth

  • Confidence
  • Athleticism
  • Self-Discipline
  • “I CAN” Attitudes
  • Concentration & Focus


Adult Fun

Tiny Tennis at the workplace is simple and fun. We Bring the Game to You!

Team Building Events

  • No real skill needed
  • No strenuous exercise
  • Let the inner-child out
  • Everyone can participate
  • Numerous Games


Special Parties

We bring the game to you for all types of parties

Fun for all Ages

  • Holiday parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Summer Parties
  • Inside or Outside


Great for Children

Benefits of Tiny Tennis

Tiny Tennis currently holds activities for children at multiple area childcare centers, churches, and birthday parties.


Self- Discipline

Create “I can” Attitude

Improve Concentration & Focus

Cooperative Skills & Sportsmanship

Become more Athletic


PTR/USPTA Certified Instructors

No Child Left Behind Policy

We Bring the Game to You

In order to achieve this, Tiny Tennis utilizes smaller tennis racquets (easier to control), larger foam balls (easier to see), miniature nets, and reduced-sized tennis court in order to bring the full-sized fun and benefits of regular tennis, to you.

We are a fully mobile event and can be enjoyed indoors or out; we bring the game to YOU and provide ALL of the necessary equipment.

Whether your business employs a few to a few hundred employees, we can accommodate your needs. Tiny Tennis can be enjoyed on the 30th floor of a city high-rise or in a break-room in a factory basement. A minimum space of 15’x15’ is required for optimal fun and engagement.

We provide ALL of the necessary equipment.

Certified Staff

All of our lead Tiny Tennis instructors are either PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) or USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) certified. Our entire staff has been thoroughly screened through the Kentucky National Background Check Program.